How (Not) To Date

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Chicklit: How (Not) To Date

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How (Not) To Date is about Layla, a young woman living in Amsterdam. She works as a receptionist but hopes to be a writer someday. She has figured out most of her life, but has not had much luck with dating and has been without a relationship for some time. Under pressure from her best friend Sam, she installs a dating app. But the first dates don't go as planned. That is when Sam comes up with the idea to start a blog about Layla's dating experience: Disaster Dates! This is the perfect subject for Layla to write about and will give her another way of looking at dating. Will blogging only lead to a writing career or is there still a chance for Layla to find real love? 


How (Not) To Date is a fun romatic story, not sure if it is something for you? No worries, just take a look at the reviews the book already had: 


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Sara is ready for her trip, some time to herself, making pictures and catching up on some reading. She is excited to see the beautiful city Dublin and hopes to relax, focus on herself for a moment. Little did she know her trip would not go as she had in mind. Will it turn out even better?

A City Trip With Love

My first time in Dublin, I don’t know why but for some reason I had the feeling I just needed to come here. A city trip is always a good idea in my opinion and from what I have seen online it should be beautiful. I got my camera with me and a few books, so I am all set.


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Marieke ten Donkelaar
9 months ago

Hoi Angelique,

Wat ziet dit er top uit zeg, heb net je ebook besteld en ben erg nieuwsgierig om het te gaan lezen.

Marieke & Max